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How BuildTool works

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1. Design a template

Use the template builder to design your app template or upload your own custom app template. BuildTool is packaged by default with many free app templates.

2. Create your app

Fill in the app details, select your app template, add icon and splashscreen artwork, add certificates for the app stores, select your app extras such as push notifications, analytics, ads and monitoring services and create the app.

3. Build your app

Building your app in BuildTool is a piece of cake. Just fill in your Phonegap Build token and hit the download button. A modal window will popup with the download links for each mobile platform.

1. Design a template

Download many free high quality app templates directly from within BuildTool.

Design your own app template with the Template Builder in BuildTool Pro and BuildTool Enterprise.

Upload any in Phonegap/Cordova, Javascript, CSS(3) and HTML(5) custom designed template.

Purchase or sell your custom created app templates on the CodeCanyon Marketplace.


2. Create your app

With BuildTool you can create as many apps as you would like. There is no limit and there will never be one.

Simply add app icons and splashscreens for all different platforms. BuildTool will automatically create and resize them if needed.

Add certificates in BuildTool to make it available in the various app stores.

You can also add many extras to your app such as push notifications, analytics, ads, monitoring and testing.

3. Build your app

Instantly build your app for multiple platforms without the need of any SDK in one click.

Choose out of BuildTool Build or Phonegap Build as build server for your apps.

Prototype your app rapidly by scanning the QR code with your mobile device.

You can deploy your app to various app stores directly after building your app.



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